Tuesday, 12 June 2007

When you have nothing to do

When you have nothing to do:

1. You actually have something to do. But you don't look after for it.
2. Your body get sick because you stand still for hours.
3. Your mind goes everywhere.
4. You'll be creative, by making some storyboard in your head: "What if i did this? I'll end up like this.... And he'll give me this...and so on and on.."
5. You'll suddenly remember God, if you're not atheist.

Right now:
1. I believe there are many things to do in this place but we don't get a chance to join, for now maybe.
2. My arse is getting hurt for about 6 hours nonsense sitting, my backache is getting worse, my head is sick, and i'm gonna eat my heart.
3. My mind, yea it goes everywhere.
4. I've made i comic.
5. I prayed a lot.

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