Thursday, 15 January 2009

Shoe! shoe! go away!

that's what came into my mind where i accidentally stood, and walked beside someone with the same shoes with me, that time! and we go the same direction, and i couldn't stand to memorize that day.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Seven pounds

at first i thought will smith will teach us how to loose 7 pounds a day without trying so hard. -_-

Soo curious about Benjamin Button

Last night i watched this movie. like any other typical Oscar movie, this one fulfilled all the categories of what it takes to win Oscar. Except for soundtrack.

The story was flashback and made me yawn a bit. But overall, i like the idea about 'reverse life cycle' thing. And i really feel sorry about Benjamin. Really. The twisted idea at the end of the movie was,for me, played over my emotional feeling. You gotta watch it. And what makes me angry for a very deep curiosity was, i felt the real curiosity itself, because my dvd player couldn't play the last chapter! I was just like, OH SHEET MADAFAKA. It was 1 am and i was planning to have a good sleep. And then i tried to rewind it with 4x speed, a whole last chapter, carefully, and watched the ending, backward. Well, at least i understand. (in an awkward way).

Red wings

red wings

"jump, jump, i can jump.
but not as high, as a butterfly.
see, see, you may see.
what i do, to be just like you."

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

This side is better

this side is better

“Sometimes, it’s fun to do the opposite truth. Is that a truth, anyway?”

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

. . .

if yesterday was a lie,
and tomorrow won't be the truth
then what's worth living?

Monday, 5 January 2009


yesterday, i saw doraemon edisi 1-10 yang dijual di dalam 1 kotak. sekarang targetnya sudah beda. anak2 jaman sekarang yang sudah terinfluence kartun masa kini. akankah doraemon bangkit kembali? aku tak tahu. yang pasti, jadi ingat jaman SD dimana bela-belain beli doraemon seharga Rp.2700 per komik. huhuhuhu,,, dan sekarang i have full! (banyak yang hilang sih,, tapi aku bangga!) H.A.H.A.H.A.H.A


l.o.v.e t.h.i.s m.o.v.i.e