Friday, 26 June 2009

Breast cancer

Pagi ini naik ojek dengan abang langganan nomor 2, since yang nomer 1 gabisa ditelpon. Namanya Mas Zen (baca: Jen) yang ternyata sudah tua tapi ga keliatan tua. Dan helm penumpang dia paling bagus, soalnya coklat bahan dan ada stiker kupu2nya. Oke.

Kemarin2 dia di rumah sakit, kirain sakit. Tadi pagi hp dia ditinggal di anakknya. Ternyata sepanjang perjalanan dia cerita, keponakanannya meninggal.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

If only hse kan wush

hse can not wish for an alligator to be friendly
hse can not wish for stars to shine only for hse
hse can not wish for a certain miracle that's only hse can see
hse can not be as selfish as hse is here

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Me and you and everyone we know

Miranda July is such a goodie doodie. pay attention of every single scenes, and every words in beneath.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Exhibition at CC

some times ago, in the time when i forgot, there were artworks exhibition. it was held by my campus, ex-campus. the artworks from its Visual Communication Design's students. i liked it. because they made it like we were going to a supermarket. and the display is so supermarket, :) and the most important thing was, it was impressive. 90% good quality artworks.

these are sneak peek from it.


free day. me and my mates got 2 days off (thursday&friday). then so we booked a room in Century Hotel,Senayan - Executive Suite, for 4 people maximum. (we ordered extra bed, so 6 of us fit there, muahahaha :D )

me and dhika arrived at 6 pm. we had to do something with our job first. pity we didn't get a chance to swimmm T_T (i can not swim , but i wanted to play with waterrr!! aargh). take a short bath then rushed into Plasa Senayan by foot, ate at Sushi Tei and watch Star Trek. There was a 1,5 hours break before the movie started, the girls minus me, were sight seeing ( and shopping too) in Metro Big Sale. I was just walking around in Kinokuniya. Searching for Sydney Sheldon's novel my mom ordered (there were none...guess it was sold out! maybe, lol)

day two, friday, we went to Plasa Semanggi first. some girls need to buy a shirt, because afterwards, we were going to, Dufan! Hehehhe. Busy playing until about 6.30 then rushed to PIM and go home!

big budget for our hungry (and greedy) tummy

Identity what?

Salty, no question asked

useless tears
salty drop

oh how come she has no certain feeling?


Thursday, 18 June 2009

Colorful blackboard

Proyek gambar di tempat gede, perdana, sama rama. ditawarin mario. gambar di rumah satrio. kalibata. nunggu rama di plasa semanggi, dateng, beli krayon, pergi, naik taksi, sampai, langsung gambar. 3,5 jam, makan nasi warteg, dah gt pesen mekdi, pulang jam 1/2 8 gitu, taksi, sampai rumah, tidur.

krayon osama. kecil tapi mutakhir.