Saturday, 7 September 2013

Devour Journey with Endeavor

I joined Endeavor Indonesia mid July 2013 and fell in love with it. Small yet impactful family! Since we had two externs, things are getting more fun!

Retreat session that didn't feel like a retreat (by @sati_fied)

"Camera? Who cares?", said 3 people in this photo (by @cmourani)

Friday, 12 July 2013

Fish Therapy

Quick comment:

Gosh. There's always the first time for everything. And the best part of this first time moment is, the laughter part! First moment when these fella hungry fishes came and made a funny smooch (while yelling hysterically "Hey, these feet looks very outdated. FOOD PARTY!") - i couldn't stop laughing. It was ticklish seriously. Burst my tears. 

Didn't see any difference (of course... It was only half an hour). But definitely will come back to try another feasty session.


Located in Sari Ater, Bandung; fish therapy can last for anytime you like. IDR 25ooo per person or IDR 40ooo for two. 

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Menuju Perubahan Hati (Jeddah-Medina-Mecca) part.1

Setelah tahun lalu sempat tertunda karena beberapa hal, alhamdulillah sekaliii tahun ini bisa ke Tanah Haram Mekah. Sempat deg-degan ketika mendengar kisah sewaktu manasik yang dimana banyak kendala seperti visa tidak keluar, tiba-tiba disuruh turun, dan lain sebagainya. Namun dengan sangat bahagia saya katakan bahwa kalau memang rejekinya sudah diundang oleh-Nya, segala sesuatu akan berjalan dengan lancar. Dan memang benar, April 13 saya dan keluarga duduk manis di Saphire Lounge terminal 2 sambil mendengarkan sepenggal ceramah sebelum kami pergi dengan Lion Air airbus CKG-JDH.

Berbicara mengenai Lion Air. Awalnya saya was-was (was-was mulu ah). Ya, soalnya seringkali mendengar kisah Lion Air yang kenapa-kenapa. Mulai dari mendarat di laut lah, kebelah lah, jatuh, karam, ah pokoknya segala macam yang bikin deg-deg an! Tapi memang ya suka gitu, disaat kita saya berusaha sebel sama sesuatu, sampai kepikiran, akhirnya dapet deh kesempatan untuk bertemu dengan si sesuatu itu. Akhirnya memang saya naik Lion Air.

Saya kira Lion Air itu kecil. (Pasti ada sih ya yang kecil) Tapi kata kakak saya, "Nggak mungkin lah kalau Umroh pakai Lion Air kecil, pasti pakai yang khusus penerbangan luar negeri dan pasti pakai airbus". Kontan di kepala langsung kebayang air dan bus (literal). Lalu terbayang macam-macam seperti ada bus besar, masuk ke air (lagi-lagi mengarahnya ke arah pesawat tenggelam). Tapi ya alhamdulillah, 9 jam perjalanan yang lumayan pegel itu berjalan dengan lancar. Saya overall bahagia, pertama karena alasan ini:

Saya duduk di lantai 2, di pinggir, ada tempat taruh tas, madep langit

Dikasih makan banyak (macam sapi potong saja)...

Monday, 6 May 2013

Coursera: Assignment #1.4

In My Gap, i mentioned that i am now working on a project about children's interactive art space. An art community ground for children and as an area where parents and children can play together, more like spending a quality time together. I was inspired by these following quotes:


While developing the concept and making a website, i decided to make an awareness stage first, therefore My Gap is:
Illustrative campaign describes the importance of family activities and art in the development of a child. 

Why illustrative campaign? 
I personally believe that illustration and storytelling is a good way to share things, spread (implied) messages and it's easy to digest. Because i'm trying to enter the world of children, i choose illustration as a communication tools. 

I am so much inspired by vintage print ads from early 60's to 80's where they put headline and sub-headline almost together until it feels like a flowing statement. Very strong. And i looooovvveee the fact that they always put sort of simple stories. It feels very warm and inviting :)

Clairol Herbal (courtesy of this link)

Florida Orange Juice (courtesy of this link)

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Coursera: Assignment #1.3


(this page is created as an assignment for Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society course by Karl T. Ulrich

Coursera: My Gap

Illustrative campaign describes the importance of family activities and art in the development of a child. 

I need to wrote it down in a big and bold statement (literally) to push myself for doing it! :D

The thing is, i have this idea of Children's Interactive Art Space and Art Therapy. An art community ground for children so they can play like real artist (in fact they are a true, natural born artist!), meet with other artists, and most importantly: having an interactive activities with their parents.

There are 2 issues that i took, based on the experience in Indonesia:
1. Art is not a major thing. They rarely being appreciated and in fact art is considered as a simple things in primary school/ kindergarten. Because it's intangible and the result can not be measured by grade (supposed to, but here yes they do. Things like ugly drawing get poor mark, sky should be blue, flower should be like this, etc). The process isn't something to be seen; and it takes time. Yup, 1+1=2 is logic and more acceptable. 
2. Technology is a new baby sitter. Working parents buy technology to calm their children, this phenomena is also popular in Indonesia. Crying kids? Just give them iPad. It isn't supposed to be that way... I personally missed the time where there are less technology so children can play in the park with their parents, dinner on the table, and doing fun things together! 

The illustrative campaign is one good way to start, IMHO.

(this page is created as an assignment for Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society course by Karl T. Ulrich

Coursera: Assignment #1.2

My fifteen hundred ten gaps are:

1. Something to wake me up in the morning (stronger than a regular alarm).
2. Multifunction agenda + sketch book purse.
3. All in one storage area with lots of compartments & labels.
4. Perfect way to keep the cable (laptop/ phone charger), prevent from damage (when rolling it) and dust.
5. Comfortable and portable back holder for my back-ache problem.
6. Portable laptop base holder to prevent direct touch between the heat and my thighs.
7. Architectural Information for my next website project about community of vintage/ antiques enthusiasts. 
8. Perfect concept for my next project about children's interactive art space and art therapy.
9. Cool, fashionable hanger/ storage for my accessories collections (necklaces, bangles and bracelets).
10. Illustrative campaign (connected to no 8) describes the importance of family activities and art in the development of a child. 

I chose no 10 because no 8 is what i'm doing right now (ended up almost in a dead end) and i was thinking that i should pull myself back and create an awareness stage. I'm targeting modern family who lives in big cities (like where i live in) and pretty much get a high exposure of technology so that they lack of family bonding. I would love to create a stage to introduce how important the role of parents for their children, and how art can be a perfect option to help escalate the creativity, sharpen the caracter and create a priceless happy feeling for children.

And oh, illustration is one of my interest and skill. I found illustration is a good way to 'speak'.

Please view MY GAP in this link :)

(this page is created as an assignment for Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society course by Karl T. Ulrich

Coursera: Assignment #1.1

Scratching my back is a tricky process. Asking mom to scratch it might not be a good idea (well, unless she wants to). And even if i do like Baloo the Bear from The Jungle Book but i prefer not to do the  Bare Necessities scratching scene. But that won't be any more problem until i found this:


'Perfect Massage Stick" is written on the handle but we (me and my family) often call it "Back Scratcher". It's long enough to reach all area on your back, easy to grip and the fork-shaped end is a satisfaction guarantee. I fell in love when we first met each other in a traditional store in my local area.

(this page is created as an assignment for Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society course by Karl T. Ulrich -

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sisi Lain Bumi

Pertama mendengarnya, saya langsung terpikirkan Hawaii. Mungkin karena saya secara langsung mencari sisi lain dari tempat yang saya tinggali saat ini, Indonesia -dan entah mengapa langsung terbayang Hawaii dengan hamparan biru laut dan gadis hula hula berbikini batok kelapa dan daun membawa minuman pesanan saya.

Namun yang bikin saya penasaran ya... apa sebenarnya isi buku ini?

Lho! Belum baca tho?
Belum! Makanya saya mbayangin yang aneh-aneh.

ANYWAY. Buat yang ingin menyelami isi buku ini, bisa lho pesan di Nulis Buku. Gampang prosesnya!


Sunday, 24 March 2013

CCE Rendezvous

What is it? It's a gathering event between 4 generation of MBA CCE ITB, generation 45 - 46 - 47 - 48. The event was held on Cocorice restaurant in Dago Pakar, Bandung. The place was beautiful, the food was okay for me (forgive my selective stomach) and i love the fact that we were required to seat randomly with other people so that we can get to know each other better than just sitting with our own friends.

CCE Rendezvous has numerous activities like musical performance, games, awarding and of course yummy dinner. And do you know what? We finally have our own website on! Take a good look at it please. But first, let's flash back for a while....

This is me and my friend Tedi. We were not being punished for doing any crime but March 6 was the moment of truth. We were just finished our thesis presentation and both us us were waiting for the result. Our heart almost stopped. But, we did good! And we're happy!

And this is the happy face! Happy because finally, my study finished and happy because it was minutes before the fried gurame fish appeared on my table. Yay! My family came to accompanied me during the day and that was make me happy too!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cause We Were Never Being Boring

Catchy melody always catch my attention, like this one over here. Besides that, if you're paying attention to the lyrics it's quite interesting though! 

"When you're young you find inspiration
In anyone who's ever gone

And opened up a closing door
She said: "We were never feeling bored

'Cause we were never being boring
We had too much time to find for ourselves
And we were never being boring
We dressed up and fought, then thought: "Make amends"
And we were never holding back or worried that
Time would come to an end"

This is the original video clip (1990)