Friday, 30 October 2009

Definately waiting for !!



I am happy, so does my stomach :D

Let me introduce you two of my very recommended place to eat.

Pizza ebirra
Located at some corner place in EX Plaza Indonesia. Right across the Honeymoon Dessert.
Umm.. at first i doubt this place. Sorry for my very fuddy-duddy head but thanks to my besties, i finally got the chance to try something new. Other then McD and Pizza Hut and Bakmi GM :| (l.a.m.e)

Pizza ebirra has these what i called, a nice environment. I like the overall interior design, the feel, the menu, the drawing, how they serve, everything. Even if the price were a bit above my budget (darn it) but i think it was worth it :)

Henna tattoo night

ahiahihaaiiahiahia this is good! i like it :D
would love to make another one
left is mine, and the unicorn is idun's


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Belly butterfly

One day, on my way to Pejaten last Saturday, i rode a bus. 5 seconds right after i settled my position, i saw this guy. We stared at each other. I blushed but remained cool, calm, and confidence.

He was a senior from my past college. Different faculty. I guess people (from my faculty) would've noticed him if they see what i saw. He was very well-known for his charm.

Ah.. i love that day :)