Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Secret of secret

Ssshh.. this is secret. You mustn't tell anyone but me, or else you'll see!

I have been through a lot of thinking. I mean, a lot.
And dozen of friends, experiences, told me the secret. Well, not really but,
keep wanting and you'll have it.

I never want something so bad. Due to my childhood disability in many things. It has taught me to bury my will and keep my wish for myself. But this time, it has to change.

I want those things *referring to my wishing list* I will. I will. As long as there's a path shown to me :)

I want him *referring to someone new*. As what Morrisey ever said, 'please please please. Let me. Let me get what i want, this time.' If you ever seen this posting,dear, it might be you. :)

Year almost end. I get more excited. Another resolution? Why not? :D