Friday, 22 May 2009

Sketza monsta

graaaa graaaaaa i love exploring new style. moster.
huehuehue, lol. i'll add another, soon. ;)



Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Neat room (rarely happen)

This never happen. i finally cleaned my room! and it was messy a few days later.
here's 3 photos of my favorite corner.

where imagination happens. on the table, i have study lamp, dolls, magazines and diary! i love writing diary. A LOT. and oh, i have book of dreams. filled with all my absurd dreams. who knows...

this is cupboard from another room. mine too, but i use it for work. work and bedroom,
never combine both! bed is where we sleep. the end.
oh, those books you see, i almost never touch them. feel sorry for myself. dumb.

aha! my beauty corner. loads of parfumes, and bangles. hihihi. most are given.
i never bought any. oh lucky me...

Monday, 18 May 2009

Killing time in space killer

Me and him visit the illustration exhibition (space killer vol.01) in That's life Coffee, Gunawarman street. small cozy place with bunch of illustrations well-hanged on the wall. not much to see but i enjoyed paying attention on every small details in it all. gee, wish i can make one and make an exhibition on my own. (i believe i can!! lol)

so we decided to take a break, accompanied with cold chocolate and vanilla, doing ramp sketches on my blue book. (get more paper, ram!) In a cold and quiet place like that, good to know the sketches result came out, neat after all. hihihi.

biggg illustrationss..

sketch sketch sketchhh