Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Neat room (rarely happen)

This never happen. i finally cleaned my room! and it was messy a few days later.
here's 3 photos of my favorite corner.

where imagination happens. on the table, i have study lamp, dolls, magazines and diary! i love writing diary. A LOT. and oh, i have book of dreams. filled with all my absurd dreams. who knows...

this is cupboard from another room. mine too, but i use it for work. work and bedroom,
never combine both! bed is where we sleep. the end.
oh, those books you see, i almost never touch them. feel sorry for myself. dumb.

aha! my beauty corner. loads of parfumes, and bangles. hihihi. most are given.
i never bought any. oh lucky me...


  1. kamarnya wanita sekali :) *ofcourse lah! u are a woman.* hari ini gua ditegur soal kamar :), dan posting ini meneguhkan gua untuk beres2 kamar hehehe..

  2. wihiy, yang penting beresin dulu.. urusan berantakan lagi, ntar aja :D


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