Thursday, 8 January 2009

Soo curious about Benjamin Button

Last night i watched this movie. like any other typical Oscar movie, this one fulfilled all the categories of what it takes to win Oscar. Except for soundtrack.

The story was flashback and made me yawn a bit. But overall, i like the idea about 'reverse life cycle' thing. And i really feel sorry about Benjamin. Really. The twisted idea at the end of the movie was,for me, played over my emotional feeling. You gotta watch it. And what makes me angry for a very deep curiosity was, i felt the real curiosity itself, because my dvd player couldn't play the last chapter! I was just like, OH SHEET MADAFAKA. It was 1 am and i was planning to have a good sleep. And then i tried to rewind it with 4x speed, a whole last chapter, carefully, and watched the ending, backward. Well, at least i understand. (in an awkward way).

Intermezzo: My Phillips dvd player sometimes having trouble playing dvd bajakan. But when i play it in my tidak bermerek's dvd player, lancarrr as a tornado. Tau aja Phillips, mana yang bajakan.

And oh, speaking about Benjamin, we also have to talk about Brad. (FYI: cate was very preety) At his middle transformation, into a youngster, i was really curious! What will he be, when he grow younger. I was planning to laugh, like, will they'd be so stupid puting brad's face on, err... well.. Zac Effron's body? Then, the donkey of the night's title goes to, me, afterall.
Brad looks like when he plays in Thelma and Louise! I was just like, wow, that's great!

Okay folks, you'd better watch this movie. 2 last chapters, turn up your emotional mode. (for me it is!)

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