Thursday, 8 January 2009

Seven pounds

at first i thought will smith will teach us how to loose 7 pounds a day without trying so hard. -_-

film ini, dari awal bikin muka saya ngerenyit mulu. alis turun, mata sedih. gara-garanya, si will smith juga gitu sih! sedih dari awal. jadi bawaannya ikutan sedi. sampai akhir, mukanya sama! kalau grafik saham, di angka 0, teruuuuusssssss, -2, -5, -1, 0 lagi. gitu deh.

ya, emang ada tangisan sih. (murahan deh saya). begitulah. dan yang paling ngeselin, ini film, ketahuan 'alasan' nya baru di endingnya. bener2 di ending. memang tujuannya bikin orang jadi penasaran sih. tapi saya nggak sabar! tapi ya tetap saja di tonton. habis, will smith sih!

tapi saya baca sebuah review tentang film ini, dan saya setuju. i think we're sehati.

"The bad
: The opening sequence of the movie gives up too much of the plot. Rosario Dawson is beautiful, but I think there were too many close-ups of her in this film. What are we supposed to do? Stare at her perfect skin for 10 minutes? Toward the end of the movie the choirs and the music had become annoying and created too melodramatic an atmosphere. Some people in the audience were sobbing but the melodrama was a little overdone for me. The biggest problem I have with this film is this: as honorable intentions of Will Smith’s character were , why did he decide to chose seven strangers to help, and not the families of his victims? Also, the suicide by box jellyfish does not seem plausible - the reason jellyfish kill is because the toxins they release in the prey’s blood. So as the result none of the organs of the jellyfish’s prey would be salvageable as transplants. I also thought Will Smith plays too much of a God here: his brother (Michael Ealy) rightfully tells him: “you can’t play with people’s lives”. Why just 7 people? Why does he get to chose who deserves his “gift”? Could he do more good had he stayed alive? Will Smith has single contorted expression on his face throughout the movie, and I wonder if his facial muscles hurt.

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