Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Music robbery

I robbed some of my friend’s mp3 songs and really, I am very pleased. I said that he must give me his old songs collection or I’m going to stick his left hand with super glue so he couldn’t write and will have to use his right hand like everybody else! Of course it was a silly joke. Then so I finally got several all time memory songs I’ve been dreaming of.
Type of songs I like, is an old song well.. 80s until early 2000 just because I think old song is really great. They have a deep meaning and great beat. I couldn’t move my body while hearing nowadays song because all I can do is, raising my eyebrows! As recording gets easier and happening, people can make music then publish it just like that. Easily. Duh. So many artists, so much choices, that make it unfamous. Many artists have no character that
just make them all just the same. I used to listen to Delta Fm, Kiss Fm, instead of teen local radio station which I think, “what song is this?” when I hear newcomers.
Oh, Jazz, Swing, never die. No matter what era you hear.
(I robbed these songs: )
Michael Learns to Rock
Ace of Base – Life is a Flower
Aqua – turn Back Time
Alcazar – Sexual Guarantee
Bart Simpson’s
BeeGees - Alone
Big Mountain – Baby I love your way
Brand New Heavies – you Are The Univers
Diana King – Shy Guy
Dubstar – Star
Kula Shaker – Govinda
Lisa Stanfield – Been Around The World
Londonbeat – I’ve been thinking about you
Lou Bega – Mambo
Mandalay – beautiful
Naughty By Nature – Feel Me Flow
Puddle of Mud – Blurry
Ring my Bell
Safri Duo – Baya Baya
Seal - Kiss from a Rose
Shanice – I love your smile
Shanks&Bigfoot – Sweet like chocolate
Sinead O’Connor
Spice Girl – Goodby
Tom Jones – Sex Bomb
Will Smith – Getting’ Jiggy Wit It

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