Monday, 7 December 2009

Fcuk tchnlgy

I walk into the crowd. Exploring the habit. Observing the humanity. And ask, "what are you guys doing?"

There lies, bunch of living creatures known for its ingenious brain. Sapient. Busy for themselves. Eyes on a modernity devices. A mini thing filled with everything-they said. "A World in your hand" - they claimed.

I say hi, yet no reply. I yelled HI, then.

"Oh hi!", they said. No eye contact.
"Can i talk for a minute?", ask i
"Ok hold on, i have something important to do", they continue doing the typing thing, updating the status, the situation, unimportant one such as, 'eating a celery, they said what's worse is good for you' or just like 'hello morning! oh, it's 11 o'clock already!'


I can imagine myself hitting them with the nearest chair i could grab.


What if you could connect with others, in a way you've never thought before?
Then people are just friends as a word. As a statement. As a status.
Then you have your hundred thousand fans, friends. Who cares when you have a toothache? Or broke?

So you have friends? Now?
Then what if there're no electricity? Your friends will vanish, and you cry and cry and cry. Begging.

Stupid technology.

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