Tuesday, 23 December 2008

I should learn ainglais more..

After a shallow yet deep critisasiong about my knowledge in ainglais language, all of my beloved friends and my alter ego suggested me to:
1. Read ainglais novel. starts from the short one. (err....)
2. Even my mom gave me Bleak House and took out the Godfather novel on my hand back then..
"Yang pendek aja nggak bisa, apalagi yang tebel..!?" (ah mamamaaaaaaa....)
3. Bookmark several useful link.
4. Choose a no subtitle while watching dvds. And oh, bigger the volume if i have a lame excuse like, 'but i can't hear them speaking....'
5. Lupakan kesimpulan bahwa kalau bisa bahasa inggris itu keturunan.

-hawweh.. hawweh po'eh.. whay awr yeh pow'nting yeh wand?-

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