Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Ugly Duckling

Can anyone know why the ugly duckling is ugly? No one will imagine that somehow, someday she'll (what's its gender anyway) soon be a beautiful swan. And i believe that almost everyone in the entire world have the same fate nor stories about them being the duck, i mean, the ugly one, not the one that you found on the lake. That's why the 'Chicken Soup' thing is very popular about 3 years ago. Uuuu...the sad and inspiring moment of our life. God.. have mercy.. Pity me..

Misfortune and bad luck is like a daily need. I'll ask to many 'why' in this case. Why would anyone like to exaggerate their life?

duck: "maybe because he's very ugly so nobody want to make friend with him.."
ugly duckling: "uh..excuse me.. may i speak, it's like, i'm the one who should appear in this blog. Am i?"
duck: "ugly don't exist in this kind of world. duh??"
ugly duckling: "oh well, maybe you're right.."


a beautiful swan whose ugly in the past few years: "I think anyone should have the chance to be heard. Like me.. you know i'm lucky right now, thank God, for my beauty, not any hunter would eager to kill me for their lunch.."
a so-so swan whose pretty in the past few years: " What are you? Nadine?"


Okay, so the story is like, all good people were not as good as you think in their past life. They tried so hard to convince themselves that the world'll turn upside down for them. The ugly duckling has been living in her bad surrounding.

Let's hoping, or maybe.. try to change the way of thinking, guess it's the right answer.

I was thinking, maybe if the ugly duckling read a book about the ugly human, she'll thank that she's a duck.

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