Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Wanting, needing, and dreaming

Speaking about wanting and needing something, both produce the same importance but the ending isn't always predictable.

Lets say i want to eat rujak soo bad. I'll search for it wherever i go and unfortunately i didn't find any. It'll wreck my day and i ended up giving the grumpy face all day.

Lets say i want to go to the office with motorcycle instead using a bus for its comfortable and time saver. But then i don't get any 'ojek' and i decide to use bus (plus extra disappointment). And you know what, i finally experience something on the road. Met a wonderful-voice street singer, buy three sour-candy (my favorite street candy of all time), and witness an impressive red Camper car parking on a supermarket in the corner of the street. How awesome is that? That might not happen if only i use 'ojek'

Speaking about wanting and needing something.
I always dreaming about having anything i want. Imagining things, unrealizable things (in my opinion), a fairytale story about real life and every good stories behind. A Perfect job, a perfect boyfriend, a perfect family, even though perfection isn't exist. Wait wait.. Yes it exist! Only if you think so.

Speaking about wanting and needing something.
There're always a few cases where i finally got what i want, in a way i never imagine it would be. Like, i dreamed or wished for it 5 years ago, i get it five years after. Therefore i never doubt of my dreams because i believe it'll happen one day.

You don't have to worry about the way i see the world because it's just my way. Period. People always slap me by saying 'dream high but never ever leave the earth' because reality isn't always beautiful. It needs hard work and willingness. I thank them for that. Never ever forget the deep advise.

I consider myself as a lucky dangler. Who dream high and plan to fly. I thank God for every facilities that has given to me. Everything. I don't know, i just feel that way.

Speaking about wanting and needing something. There're a few cases when i finally realize that:
"sometimes what you want, isn't always what you need"

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