Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Random post

One day at the bus. (Left) An old man. Wonder what he was thinking that time.. :D (Right) A man who sold hair accessories and several tiny useful things. He was on his way home at Pasar Rumput, Manggarai. We had a little chat back then.

   Traffic jam outside my house. Nice, people!!! Stupid cars parked as they like. Not it has been a daily routine since that BTA was  built. 

Hm, kinda forgot where it was. Guess it was on the furniture exhibition at Senayan. One thing i like about attending on an exhibition,eyes & window shopping!!!

Thank you Kompasiana, these freebies made me happy :D

One of the best place to swim. Citos! Humm, dunno, maybe the environment? :P 

Nice boots for IDR800,000 from Pull&Bear. Must. Have. (later.... T^T...)

I hope this will be the daily situation in Jakarta. Amen

One dazzling afternoon :)

I AM NOT THE BEST, BUT I'M NEXT TO IT (standing besides Walt Disney)

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