Saturday, 8 August 2009

Loop & Repeat & ViceVersa

and so my love, this is almost the end. i said, the end! an exclamation point for you to understand. enough months of assumption and presumption that has successfully brought back the rain. or nice dream and imagination that have made my heartbeat run to the furthest place it had made. and now seems like the hope and sorrow are put back to where it belong. over there. to the first time i found them. wrapped in thin metal armor and some ivory leaves.

then so my love, i'd like to chew a nice strawberry menthol gum right now. while watching the clock clocking clicking counter clockwise. and oh, a hot english breakfast mixed lychee Dilmah Tea, with a pour of one third spoon of yellow sugar. and sit over here. watching. starting. all over again.

let's move on and repeat the future.

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