Monday, 17 August 2009

Adjacent Fourmula

Sunday, August 16, i joined Pachwurk Paint the Wall event in Bangka street, Jakarta. About 9 artist there and 4 meter-ish wall to be paint. While others used paint and brushes, i only used 2 pair of marker :| oh well. guess i'm to afraid to use others. :(

and so, the event started at about..12 o clock. and taddaa, 3 hours and i'm done. i drew, what i called, i , have, no idea what that was :| the theme was Movement, i guess legs are best describe it. lalalala... we have weird creatures and a mixed between dinosaur and a log.

salute to all artists, nice to know you all, i had fun. here's a sneak peek:

and oh, my fella monstermenace who accompanied me during the event. he drew an amazing furry pig monster sort of thing ( who's it name? ) inside the shop. :) thank you smocchie smoochie

hard work, eh!? ffiuuhh!

similar post in wordpress and deviantart. enjoy :)


  1. HAH CURANG!!! mau ikuuuutaannn hehe duh ada si talita hihi (^.^)

  2. silly. gua kasih ini link ke dia yah. biar dia liat


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