Monday, 10 August 2009

It was aMEWzing

9 august 2009

i caught a cold and flu and i didn't like the wind in the beach. and McDonalds. and the fact they took my Double Cheeseburger ( i forgot) and the fact that i sweat a lot, due to my illness. and it was windy!! (oh i've mentioned it before,eh?) and...the smoke. and oh, all of the people who didn't know Mew. Tck!

but i like it when i dance, when i laughed, when i WOW, when i got blue, yellow, purple, green, red, sparkling colors reflected from my eyes, when i sweat for happines, when i scream, when i forgot my illness, when i didin't see the singer but focusing on their songs.

i liked it when i was there and the world were all mine.

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