Thursday, 9 July 2009

What makes me happy

just enjoy every second, every minutes, every hours, everyday, months; of good, amazing, wonderful, even bad, awful, and disaster moment of your life,

by singing.
by humming.
by acting.
by making funny faces.
by imagining great thing would happen.
by making a good statement.
by doing a selfish me-time.
by sleeping.
by saying no.
by thanking for everything, even if it just, "thank God that i could poop, today.."
by taking every chances.
by writing a diary.
by creating a scenario before you sleep.
by giving.
by hoping for nothing in return.
by listening to music.
by drawing.
by doing things, manually.
by not being lazy.
by appreciating own health.
by drinking water.
by putting photos everywhere.
by sharing.

by loving and caring your loved ones.

Thank God i am happy.
at least i try.

i could sing..sing..sing..singg

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