Wednesday, 22 July 2009

What lies beneath the ocean

and then the reality sang, about an unfortunate coinsidence.
"what lies beneath the mind, of a boy?"
"what boy?" i asked
"the one you've been wanting for", it replied

speechless as my mind was erased by tons of lightning

"for i have no idea, i hand it out to you.
what lies beneath the mind, of a girl?"
"what girl?" asked it, gently
"then one you've been asking for", i replied

"what lies beneath your mind?
is it satisfaction?
is it curiosity?
is it hope?
or something happy?

what lies beneath his mind?
is some secret you shall not find.
for he kept it low down below
so there'll be no one ever know."

the vibe was cold as a graveyard.
a bit chill yet vibrant

"i want to know what.
so i can find a perfect match,
and be someone special he ever had"
i said.

"no such thing as perfection,
no such thing as reveal
no such thing called happily ever after,
it all comes to an end,
you, alone with your soul. eventually."

you don't have my trust.

"you can never find, what lies beneath his mind.
what lies beneath my mind.
can you really really know for certain,
what lies beneath the ocean?"

the place was as silent as a gravyard
i can only hear his heart

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