Monday, 2 March 2009

A weekends to share

i'd like to share my weekends.

i went to a mall, Senayan City with my beloved cousin and my Mom. My cousin'd like to buy a yoyo, the Auldey one, the expensive one (sigh...), then so we rushed in to Debenhams, in kids area. Then so he finally chose one (not to exp though, haha, at least he can finally fulfill his dream). And i spot one thing that soon to be my current wishlist. Fyi, for the lack of money, i've never ever wish for anything. Ehm..i rarely go to the playland area though. But this one, is different. For the first time in my past 10 years i've never wanted something so bad like this.

A plug and play (as easy as that!) mini games! It's like PSP (or not...) Those have awesome interface and they were all Disney's!! (except for the Who Wants To be a Millionaire). Rp.300.000 or 400.000. I have to collect money first (sigh...).

- you guys must see the joystick! AAAAAAAAA-

After minutes of pain... (the i'will-buy-you-sometimes-we'll-see! kind of pain) we were hungry for burger! Wherelse than Burger King? My cousin wanted to try, the longest burger. (And the one third part ended up in my stomach)

And oh, before that, i wanted to share this part.
My pray has never been respected like this. Senayan City has this Executive Musholla. the place is good. Very nice. The waiting room is clean. The area is wide. Cool and comfortable. I gave 4 thumbs up for this place. I rarely (never!) found any praying area in a mall, as good as this one. It gets through my heart.

After we ate, i'd love to go home. Really. But at of sudden, we found TIMEZONE! My gold Timezone card said that he was dying for more refill. So we played this Dino Duel Master (one of my cousin's favourite game) and i love to gamble. You know, the wheel thing where we must push the button anytime to stop and see how many tickets we'' get. That one! I love that game. (useless game but whatever).

I went to meet the yoga teacher whom i work for. In menteng. The meeting not the point, but i wanted to share pictures from Menteng's Park. Pretty nice park. It has basketball, futsal, and playground yard. And fountain, and one small glasses building.
- even though it was hot as burning teflon, the scenery was pretty calming-

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