Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Hello deadline!

These past 4 days i was rushed by deadline. At Sunday night, 10.46 pm i got an email saying that they need 2 more storyboard, the important ones, which will help them in their Wednesday presentation. 45 frames by Monday.

I really hate deadline nor it has to happen anyway. It's just i'm a bit afraid that i couldn't fulfill it, and let them down. But one thing i like is, the feeling of relieve afterward. The 'finally' feeling, that's what i'm after to. (except for the fee. fee doesn't matter as long as you do your job, for me..)

There is one quote that always stick in my mind, i forgot was it taken from Tom Hanks, or he also took it from another source. It says, "if you can have anything in the world, what can make you happy?"

so, go for what you're after to! give me deadline!! LOL.

PS: thank you Mew for accompanying me during my days.

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