Monday, 2 February 2009

Virtual virus infected the nature

Dalam rangka memperat tali persaudaraan sesama karyawan, (baca: libur bekerja hari Jumat), kami sekantor memulai hari dengan langkah bahagia ketika berkumpul di kantor untuk selanjutnya berlenggak-lenggok di perjalanan menuju Sukabumi, tepatnya Citarik, dipegang oleh Caldera.

kami akan outbound bersama. horray!

nggak sempat terbayang di kepala saya bagaimana suasana outbound, karena memang belum pernah juga. makanya, ketika ditanya mau ikut wahana apa, saya memborong semua pilihan yang ada dengan penuh percaya diri dan tanpa pikir dua kali.

perjalanan lumayan jauh, sekitar 2-3 jam. sama seperti jakarta-bandung plus macet, ketika saya kuliah dulu. bedanya, disini banyak pemandangan indah yang bisa dilihat. seperti pohon sawit (yang dikira pohon salak)

skip our journey straight to the place.

-seperti biasa ya, cewek, yang penting itu adalah: kamar seperti apa, wc seperti apa. the rest, whatever-

-my terbelah dua's contactlens. i wonder, why...?-

okay next, in the first day, we had three things to do:
- the-so-called-walking-on-the-rope (what was it called,uh? rope course)
- paint ball
- flying fox

-huge bridge. it was fun walking here. shaking... uuuuu-

-rope course. not this part, but next to it. (i didn't took a picture of it.aha!)-

long intermezzo about these activities:
- rope course: i suddenly had this sick feeling about taking part in a circus. i had these huge TREMOR, on my second step. (s.e.c.o.n.d step!!!). and my big fragile body couldn't stand the last step, which was, walking on a bamboo. ah i can not be bond's girl!
- paint ball. i was free from tembakan. horray! simply because karena saya jaga di belakang, jadi kalau ada yang maju, tembakin semua!!
- flying fox was the best part! i felt like supergirl with a safety belt!!
and oh, another best part was, me, anda, and ninda could freely hijacked the bathroom, first!

afterwards, the wonderful night. we had these sort of like malam persembahan, sinden gossip, hillarious operet, and office awards. and a sum of money, of course... (ihihihihihi). and then we dedicated our soul for almost 3 hours to Uno card. what a playful night. pity we couldn't gamble.


saturday is the day when we all could go wet wet wet! it's rafting timeee!!!!!!! yihhhaaaa..
well, it's my first time ya, so i was like kind of excited, knowing that i, can, finally, rafting, like in the movie! i felt like tomb rider.

those tomb-rider feeling wasn't stay longer for these panicking of getting drowned. (fyi: the depth was just 1 meter) but since i couldn't swim (oh FGS you had pelampung attached to your body!) during the 5 km trip, i couldn't get of my hand from the safety rope. where was my tomb rider spirit!!!???

and blah blah blah, so on, again and again, three of us were the first to reach the Saung, so we can cleaned ourselves first. horrayyyyy!!!!

and oh, i noticed one difference about boys and girls.
sehabis rafting (yang notabenenya, basah), saya melihat perbedaan apa yang dilakukan laki-laki dan perempuan:

- cowok malah main bola. lihat temennya main, juga ikutan main, sekalian ngeringin badan-

- cewek, nggak tahan langsung mau mandi dah gitu, dandan dong pastinya-

oh well. the trip continued to Pelabuhan Ratu. i thought we were going fishing but hell fishing, photo sessions was not a bad idea, for some people. many people! and oh yeah, on our way back home, we found the fabulous place of McErrot! (fyi: she's one of a well-known person for her man's thing enlarging service.aha)

and so, we arrived at the office at 10pm. the bus's baggage was filled with bananas which we bought at Pelabuhan Ratu. (5000. who can resist?)

i'd love more of those excitemet. really.
ah, i love the experiences!


  1. hey ! :)
    I'm happy you like the picture ..
    that looks like a really sweet trip you did there ... am very jealous !! can't wait to make a journey back to asia ..


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