Tuesday, 3 February 2009


first, my friend made gave me the link to the movie trailer. when i opened it, it didn't amuse me at all for its clean poster. (the-judging-by-its-cover-thing, yea i know..)

but as soon as i watched the movie (after a short trip to abang dvd deket pasar), i wast just, speechless.

like any other award winning festival movie, this one has a great DOP. and what i need to say is, the story behind. the review in its original website is:

"this fall, our vision of the world will change forever"

blindness tells people about the world. a new world of chaos when people can no longer see a thing. it tells about human ego, the willingness to survive, some shocking point of view. and as a girl with 70% feminist soul, there're one scene that made me go, damn. this is.. errhh... shocked.

but there're some point i just couldn't understand. why julianne is the only person who couldn't get infected? and what is danny glover doing there? an absurd end. but still it had some strong point for me.

i am not a good reviewer so please share your opinion about this movie, okay.
fyi: none of the characters have name.

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