Monday, 10 September 2007

Dog you know that you’re humble?

Dog is sweet when they’re still a baby. These two dogs, Jendral and Maya (not our dog! Our: people you see in this blog) are still a baby. Maya, 1,5 months old. I don’t know about Jendral. What we know is, Maya has the fierce look for being a Siberian Husky. And it is a she. Jendral doesn’t have that look. And Jendral is a he. Outer look fools us.
I remember when I asked my mom for a dog. And I changed my mind immediately when I heard my neighbor’s dog, barking all night long. And it was very noisy. But in the matter of fact, when dog is barking or whining, they’re mostly do that to strangers or, they’re lonely. Sadly, my neighbor rarely take their dog out for a walk. They just need them as a home guardian. And they shouldn’t have done that! Dog has a feeling to. That’s why they’re human best pet friend.
My family, my mom in fact, used to have dogs. 12 local dogs, mom loved to took street dogs and brought them home. And oh, another 2 herder named Roover and Pasha. The home was filled with dogs. Once, Pasha stood in front of my aunt’s door just because she’s sick. And Pasha just stayed there and watched my aunty. SO SWEET! Ang… ang… ang… I want a dog. Soon, if I have my own home, I’ll have one. One with loads of fur and the dog should be big. I hate small dog. They’re not cute or funny, they’re annoying! Especially when they bark. They bark like a … Like a … I don’t know!! It’s just, annoying!.

-why we give an 'uuuuu' expression?hmmm...-

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