Monday, 20 June 2011

Monday, I'm in Love :)

Today is funny. I feel very happy. Why? Well basically because i was going to have a meeting on Pondok Indah which turned out to be the wrong date. It should've been tomorrow! (Ehm, we didn't read the email carefully *__*).

Okay, we then headed to Pondok Indah Mall, craving or sushi at Sushi Tei :3 Mwahahahh.

Salmon Bally Soup (with veggie, mushroom and noodle) :9

Then we headed to Cilandak Town Square! Another meeting (which i, also have no idea why i should come *_* ). Well, not about the meeting that i love, it was the :

TADAA!! This book is, god. I tell you. Even though it contains some silly facts things, but the moral and positivity are brought up. Nicely done!

And this shoes! Semi-wedges T__T
Thank you so much or The Little Things She Needs you really know what i want :D

Complete for today :)

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