Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Mid year thought

Hallo dear. Long time no see.

Lately i kinda have a mixed-up feelings. More like a bitter sweet plus robotic formal mashed up with a happy-o-rama! Dunno, life's kinda looks like a roller coaster.

But as i requested and believed, right about one hour before January 1st 2011 few months ago; that This Year, is going to be big. This year, is going to be something.

I've spent 2 previous years of life doing almost nothing special. Doing ordinary common things which lately i consider those as a wasting of time. But hey! regret is one lousy thing, right? Those years had formed me into what i become right now and voila! I am feeling much more stronger and ready to face the future vague adventures!

Halo 2011!

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