Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Easy health actions

Move a lot
Tidy up my room
Wake up in the morning and kiss the early sun

Washing face, at least twice a day. With facial soap! And oh, with cold water.
Do scrub. Once a week. Face-body-feet.
Do massage. Alone, if you have no money. (I don’t. Sniff..) Face-head-feet.
Hear music, any kind you like
Walk. A lot of walking
Anything that can make you sweat.
UNO Card
SmilingShit! SMILING ( it takes a lot of work for me )
Do not use ‘shit’ word
Or any kind of dirty words
Did I said ‘do not’? I mean, use it wisely..
Avoid smoke
Avoid smoking
I mean it, hey!
A lot of water
Tea, green tea
Avoid noodle too much
Face exercise
Play smart
I didn’t say play safe.
Smart ass
Read people

Release your bad energy, wisely. Umm.. sleep maybe?
Or just play boxing.
Avoid anger. Dude, anger makes you look bad.
MILK, yey! Chocolate is good.
Veggies of course..
Fruits of course..
Be ridiculous
Never be afraid to try, to learn, anything new, and useful
Write down anything
Move.. move..move!
Draw even if you can’t
Ginger tea
No tight outfit
Enough sheep sleep
Aahhhh.. just hibernate if you have time
Hang out with friends. Friends make perfect
Family comes first
Positive thinking
Be positive
Act positive

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