Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Visually impact, emotionally moved

I cleaned my dvds and movies collection in my hard disk and found several movies which i think, very brilliant. For me, brilliant is where it can manage to feed my brain and emotion with both visual and story.

About a girl, and what she portrays audio into magnificent imagination of hers

Among all Ghibli's, this one is my most favorite.

"An adventure as big as life itself"
 The human side of an alien. This movie is somewhat, different. (And oh, i imagine myself turning into that shrimp-like creature and... it was painful :| )

An arrogant yet brilliant young man with no purpose in life. A+++++ for the story.

Simple. I want pet. My animal-representation kind of pet!

I doubt this one at first. But i was wrong. Combination between story, colours and amazing soundtrack by Shiina Ringo.

Hey, what about you? Tell me your favorite movies! :)

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