Friday, 18 February 2011

Minima Maxima Sunt

Speaking of will,
there are dozen, even thousand hundreds things we all people want in life.
"Please, please, please, let me, let me get what i want this time"
-The Smiths

What are we looking for?

The will to pursue something grand, either it's a status, money, wealth, ambition, makes people to try so hard and run so fast without considering its surrounding and impact of their act upon their nearest realty.

The will to pursue something vague, sometimes makes people to forget the plan, sense, and mind, which is dangerous only if they don't have a strong grip of what they've done.

The will to pursue something big, something 'so-called happiness', makes people to misinterpret the term of happiness itself.

At the end, happiness might've played a tiny role in people's ambitious journey. It blinded, it banished, it behold the worst part of avarice of all. 

Minima Maxima Sunt
The smallest things are most important. 

Do you pay attention?

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