Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Hallo Morning

Today is the first day where 8.30 - 17.30 office time finally be set officially. At first i was like 'oh no! I haven't woke up at that time!' -knowing that i have a -within easy reach- home, about half an hour voyage :D 

The thing is, i am quite lazy and really believe that my comfy bed is my everything, and sleeping is the best part of life. A thousand times i have convinced myself to change that bad habit. Morning is awesome!, said Mama one day. You can get a free fresh air, healthy sun, and you can eat breakfast a lot while reading newspaper or spending hours in the toilet, throwing your filthy waste :D Nah- that, i don't see. I am busy. Busy? yes, busy sleeping.

I, somehow believe that this new regulation can slowly change my habit into a better morning appreciator person as i have ever wished. Sitting on a bus, peacefully with no rush is, an extraordinary feeling! Hope that it'll last forever :)

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