Sunday, 5 May 2013

Coursera: My Gap

Illustrative campaign describes the importance of family activities and art in the development of a child. 

I need to wrote it down in a big and bold statement (literally) to push myself for doing it! :D

The thing is, i have this idea of Children's Interactive Art Space and Art Therapy. An art community ground for children so they can play like real artist (in fact they are a true, natural born artist!), meet with other artists, and most importantly: having an interactive activities with their parents.

There are 2 issues that i took, based on the experience in Indonesia:
1. Art is not a major thing. They rarely being appreciated and in fact art is considered as a simple things in primary school/ kindergarten. Because it's intangible and the result can not be measured by grade (supposed to, but here yes they do. Things like ugly drawing get poor mark, sky should be blue, flower should be like this, etc). The process isn't something to be seen; and it takes time. Yup, 1+1=2 is logic and more acceptable. 
2. Technology is a new baby sitter. Working parents buy technology to calm their children, this phenomena is also popular in Indonesia. Crying kids? Just give them iPad. It isn't supposed to be that way... I personally missed the time where there are less technology so children can play in the park with their parents, dinner on the table, and doing fun things together! 

The illustrative campaign is one good way to start, IMHO.

(this page is created as an assignment for Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society course by Karl T. Ulrich

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