Monday, 6 May 2013

Coursera: Assignment #1.4

In My Gap, i mentioned that i am now working on a project about children's interactive art space. An art community ground for children and as an area where parents and children can play together, more like spending a quality time together. I was inspired by these following quotes:


While developing the concept and making a website, i decided to make an awareness stage first, therefore My Gap is:
Illustrative campaign describes the importance of family activities and art in the development of a child. 

Why illustrative campaign? 
I personally believe that illustration and storytelling is a good way to share things, spread (implied) messages and it's easy to digest. Because i'm trying to enter the world of children, i choose illustration as a communication tools. 

I am so much inspired by vintage print ads from early 60's to 80's where they put headline and sub-headline almost together until it feels like a flowing statement. Very strong. And i looooovvveee the fact that they always put sort of simple stories. It feels very warm and inviting :)

Clairol Herbal (courtesy of this link)

Florida Orange Juice (courtesy of this link)

So then i made a sketch of what my illustrative campaign will look like. Here you go:

Singing Bird version.
As we all know, music is also part of the art. I took birds as a representative of music. This remind me of the whistle bird in Disney's Snow White:
the confused cute bird

The idea is to create an engaging and persuasive story like: Birds are always happy and free, because they always sing after  one two three. Flying here and there, singing like no one care. You can be happy too! Music is a part of an art. Art is a part of life. Life is what makes someone become somebody. An art a day, makes you happy everyday!

Caught in The Act version.
Ah, children. There are time where we came home and toys were all over the place. It's nothing compared to realizing that our children finally have a new motto: Wall is The New Paper! Paper mustn't be blank. It has to be filled with drawings. The idea is similar, to create an engaging and persuasive story like: These children has a new motto: Wall is The New Paper. Their eyes can only see empty space, while their mind told them to paint everything with grace. Hands are just doing what their mind told, and their innocence will melt your angry thought. It's a process of creativity, we shall let them be. Art is a part of life. Life is what makes someone become somebody. An art a day, makes you happy everyday!

A1 B1 : Headline
A2 B2 : Short story-like explanation
A3 B3 : Sub-headline 
A4 B4 : Logo

PS: I'm excited, yay!

(this page is created as an assignment for Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society course by Karl T. Ulrich

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