Sunday, 5 May 2013

Coursera: Assignment #1.2

My fifteen hundred ten gaps are:

1. Something to wake me up in the morning (stronger than a regular alarm).
2. Multifunction agenda + sketch book purse.
3. All in one storage area with lots of compartments & labels.
4. Perfect way to keep the cable (laptop/ phone charger), prevent from damage (when rolling it) and dust.
5. Comfortable and portable back holder for my back-ache problem.
6. Portable laptop base holder to prevent direct touch between the heat and my thighs.
7. Architectural Information for my next website project about community of vintage/ antiques enthusiasts. 
8. Perfect concept for my next project about children's interactive art space and art therapy.
9. Cool, fashionable hanger/ storage for my accessories collections (necklaces, bangles and bracelets).
10. Illustrative campaign (connected to no 8) describes the importance of family activities and art in the development of a child. 

I chose no 10 because no 8 is what i'm doing right now (ended up almost in a dead end) and i was thinking that i should pull myself back and create an awareness stage. I'm targeting modern family who lives in big cities (like where i live in) and pretty much get a high exposure of technology so that they lack of family bonding. I would love to create a stage to introduce how important the role of parents for their children, and how art can be a perfect option to help escalate the creativity, sharpen the caracter and create a priceless happy feeling for children.

And oh, illustration is one of my interest and skill. I found illustration is a good way to 'speak'.

Please view MY GAP in this link :)

(this page is created as an assignment for Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society course by Karl T. Ulrich

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