Sunday, 11 November 2012

Some Random Post

Basically this post has no purpose other than just a random update of....what i want to update! :D

So in below picture shows how amazed i was when i FINALLY found Xtrans bus with no middle seat (Bandung-Tomang route). The route i used to go for over....6 years (i used to go with Bandung-Pancoran route) usually has middle seat so those who sat in the middle might found a bit discomfort. Well, i mean those people like me who sit unproperly manner. Thehee.


It has been 4 times since i regularly visit Sushi Tei every weekend. And i always order Salmon Belly Misoshiru, Baby Octopus, but when i first saw this dish, i fell in love. Oh Gosh. 

Anyway, i think cat is...somewhat adorable. That creature is an ultimate lazy and bossy, despite its cool and calm appearance. But this cat who stays in my campus, out of nowhere jumped next to me and sat on my lap while i was trying to concentrate on my thesis. At first, she tried to reach what was on the table (food) but since there's nothing there (and thank you for walking on the keyboard), she might gave up and try some sleep. On a lap. 


Oh no. Japanese products are always tempting! I found this on a hypermarket because it was too cute for the sake of need! Trust me!


About 2 weeks ago me and my friend decided to watch Looper. (anyway, that movie was great, i like it). But since i got first on that mall and still got an hour left so i decided to come by to Kenko Reflexology. Well, i always passed by this store and didn't have the courage to come since it was dark from outside, there might be an illegal killing practice inside (kidding) but i was happy! The man who did my reflexology was very polite and nice and it didn't hurt as much as the other place! (Can't tell you where though). There're 2 options: either my body is super healthy, or this man didn't give his best shoot. Or maybe just my fat. Blocking the pressure. Oh, cut it out. 


I have no idea what illuminati or freemason is. No. Idea. Even when i googled it. But this one, my brain can accept.

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