Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Harmony in Colours - D day

Due to my previous post, Harmony in Colours - behind the scene - akhirnya saya berkesempatan mengunjungi pameran saya sendiri. Ehm, jadi tangga; 7 Agustus di hari Sabtu saya kesana sama teman. Dan tanggal 8nya sama keluarga, pulang-pulang musti berangkat lagi buat ngambil lukisan *_*. kenyang sama Grand Indonesia...

So here are the reports!

ola! standing in front of the artworks. hi3x :")

a closer look to strewment shells&sands

can't take my eyes out of those coins! :D

i'm with these talented artists too! :O

Think i have found what's suit best my mood and style which is mixed media. (Actually, i got lots of garbage in my house so, they'd be a good complement! :D )

See ya in the next exhibition! 

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  1. warnanya bagus sekali elfiiit..ini pameran apah?


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